Royal Burgh of Stirling Pipe Band The Instruments

Standard set up for the pipe band involves 8 to 14 pipers, 3 to 5 side drummers, 1 to 3 tenor drummers and 1 bass drummer.

The pipes consist of a bag, a chanter, drones and blow stick. The bag is airtight and is made of a synthetic material; much better than days gone by when a sheep skin was used. The chanter is the melody pipe and produces different noted depending on which holes are covered.

There are various different variations of bagpipe throughout the world with pipe bands playing the most common variety, the Great Highland Bagpipe. Click here to read more about the different regional variations of the instrument.


The snare drums used in pipe bands are almost unique in having a second set of snares on the bottom (internal) side of the top (batter) head. Some military side drums have this feature as well.

The drum corps of the pipe band also consists of a bass section (bass and tenon drummers). Their role is to provide rhythmic support to the entire ensemble.

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Chanter Scale
The scale on the chanter is in Mixolydian mode with a flattened 7th or leading tone. It has a range from one whole tone lower than the tonic to one octave above it (in piper's parlance: Low G, Low A, B, C, D, E, F, High G, and High ATunes.htmlMedia.htmlMedia.html